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Flora Herbal Teas

Flora Herbal Tea

Flora Herbal Tea – unique tea blends with maximum flavour

FLORA invites you to embark on a journey of enlightenment and discovery, down a path that is both ancient and contemporary, where you will experience the delight and pleasure that accompanies each and every cup of our beautiful tea.

Ancient healing traditions advise us that the path to good health is through a healthy diet and lifestyle, supplemented by herbal medicine. Tea drinking has been practiced throughout the world for hundreds of years – from the Imperial Court of ancient China to the Russian tea room; from the Japanese Tea Ceremony to British village tea shops – the soothing, healing and invigorating effects of tea have been appreciated and understood by many peoples.

FLORA Teas are based on healing traditions from around the world and provide an enjoyable way for us to follow the wisdom of these venerated cultures. Taking all the care of our ancestors, FLORA presents richly flavoured, time-tested tea blends that restore good health – you only have to go as far as your kitchen to experience first-hand the flavours of healing traditions from around the world.

Flora has been bringing you quality teas since 1965, and continues to produce teas of unparalleled quality – a difference you can taste with each and every cup. As is the hallmark of all FLORA teas, only the finest ingredients and largest double chamber filter bags are used for our delicious blends.

  • Organic ingredients have been used wherever possible in order to ensure the most potent formula in each cup of tea.
  • Using the largest size filter bag available, FLORA tea bags are the heaviest, by weight, of any comparable formula.
  • FLORA Tea bags are made from a blend of hemp and tree fibres, whitened with non-toxic, non-chlorine, environmentally-friendly hydrogen peroxide.

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