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Flor•Essence Cream

FlorEssence Cream

Flor•Essence® Rejuvenating Cream

refresh • revitalize • rejuvenate

For hundreds of years, First Nations peoples have used the herbs in the popular Flor·Essence® Herbal Tea Blend to purify and detoxify their bodies. Since its introduction to the general population in the last century, many people have found that Flor·Essence® has a beneficial effect when used topically, as well.

Now, you can refresh, revitalize, rejuvenate your skin with this powerful combination of synergistic and nourishing herbs, enhanced with other potent cosmetic ingredients designed to penetrate and deliver the active ingredients into your skin.

Flor·Essence® Rejuvenating Cream helps to normalise the function of the skin by supporting its innate intelligence. As the body’s largest organ, the skin can regulate itself if given the right conditions. This non-greasy cream will hydrate and quench dry skin. It can also balance oily skin; if you give your skin the oil it needs, it won’t have to produce an excess of its own to compensate for starvation.
This PEG- and paraben-free cream is fortified with hyaluronic acid and preserved with a proprietary blend of herbal extracts.

• Contains a unique concentrated extract of 7 of the herbs in Flor*Essence to continually cleanse your skin.
• Anti-oxidant, restorative, promotes cellular regeneration.
• Helps repair, retexturise and tone the skin, diminishing early signs of ageing.
• Brightens and clarifies by targeting age spots, dullness and uneven pigmentation.
• Minimizes wrinkles, fine lines, scars and spider veins
• Can be used under make-up or as an overnight treatment.

This paraben-free cream is gentle enough for more people; however, its natural and herbal preservative and extracts may irritate extremely sensitive skin. Avoid contact with the eyes.